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The Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer NORTEK is a subdivision of the Alecu Russo Balti State University and was created in order to increase regional economic competitiveness and digital transformation in the Northern Development Region of the Republic of Moldova.

Nortek offers access to training, experimentation and collaboration spaces, laboratories, incubation and business areas for the nearly 4,500 students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners from Balti and the Northern Region.
The center has an area of ​​over 6000 square meters
and puts the following facilities at your service:

• Training rooms
• Laboratories
• Co-working spaces
• Offices for startups and private companies
• Programs to develop entrepreneurial skills and abilities in engineering, IT, creative fields
• Participation in various acceleration programs, specialized courses, mentoring programs and internships at private companies, etc.
The first Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Northern Region of Moldova. Now young talents will have the right space to develop their technological skills, take advantage of opportunities and create professional connections!
Tekwill Bălți
Clasa Viitorului
robotics and IoT
IT and engineering residents
how the transformation began
NORTEK is the result of a successful partnership between the public, academic, private sector, and development partners, with a total infrastructure investment value of 71 million MDL between 2018-2022. The largest financial contribution to the development of the Center comes from the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which, through the Northern Regional Development Agency, granted 25 million MDL from the sources of the National Fund for Regional and Local Development, intended for the construction and assembly works. Alecu Russo State University from Bălți contributed by offering the building worth 29 million MDL.

The strategic development partners USAID, Sweden and UK aid support Nortek with 17 million MDL invested in feasibility, design, endowments, followed by new investments in educational programs, digitization and entrepreneurship. Additional investments are made by ATIC through Tekwill Bălți, by the Free Economic Zone "Bălți" through Draexlmaier and by the technological partners Endava and the Orange Foundation.
what areas of activity will you find at Nortek?
in agriculture
creative industries
IT technologies
we are waiting
for you!
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